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Sun Mar 7 08:20:10 EST 1999

I bought the book "The Bible According to Einstein" that
Harry King recommended a few weeks ago on this newsgroup. I've
only read a few chapters but it is very interesting.
The one called "Homogenesis" tells a nice story
of how humans emerged from apes via Australopithecus, Homo Erectus, etc.
It is fascinating to read how fire was discovered
and how language developed. The next chapter on the
"Evolution of Intelligence" is very thought-provoking. Apparently,
there have been many stages of intelligence over the 3-billion-year-long
history of life: reflex, intelligent reaction, truly intelligent
response, etc. The role of "delay" is very important for human decision
and free-will.

I got my copy of
"The Bible According to Einstein" at Amazon.com at a nice discount,
but BarnesandNoble.com also offers $10 off the price.


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