Study Outlines (Notes) for Students

Randall Oelerich oelerich at cpinternet.com
Sat Mar 6 18:39:02 EST 1999

Recently I posted on the net a set of microbiology study guide notes /
outlines that my and my collegues students have found extremely useful
when studying microbiology (see link below). Please feel at liberty to
add a link to these study notes from your microbiology or biology
website, and to let students know they are free to print out and use the
notes for adjunct study material for microbiology courses.
(Can also be gotten to from <http://mindquest.net> main menu)

My apologies for intruding on this usenet - I just thought this is where
microbiology course instructors might hang out, and I want students to
gain access to my study notes to help them with their studies.

:) Dr. Randall Oelerich,
   Biological Sciences
   Lake Superior College

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