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Karl Roberts kr1 at PGSTUMAIL.PG.CC.MD.US
Thu Mar 4 13:45:42 EST 1999

Hi Mark,

According to Ervin Barnes' text Plant Pathology,White rust of crucifers 
is caused by species of the genus Albugo; A. candida on radishes and
cabbages, A. occidentalis on spinach, A. bliti on Amaranths,
etc.  Sporangia are disseminated by wind and rain, and these form either
germ tubes or zoospores depending upon temperature.  Sexual reproduction
is via syngamy, leading to oospore production.  The fungus overwinters in
infected plant tissue as a mycelium.  Since white rust outbreaks are
relatively uncommon, they are of little economic importance, so
direct control measures aren't generally utilized.  However, hearty
strains of plants infected by Albugo but able to withstand it can be used
to breed more resistant cultivars.  I hope this helps.
Karl J. Roberts, Ph.D.
Prince George's Community College

 On 4 Mar 1999, Mark Leung wrote:

> 	I need to find some information which is about the disease for plant. It
> is called white rust and this disease is caused by fungi.
> 	I really hope to get the information about this. For example, the ways of
> transmission, symptoms of disease, effects, causative agents and the
> control of treatment or prevention.
> 	If you know about this or you know the web-site which is relatived to
> them. Please tell me or reply to me, my e-mail address is
> marklg at netteens.net 
> 	Thank you very much!

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