Enumerating fluorescently labelled cells in a hemocytometer

Rudi Tapper Rudi.Tapper at port.ac.uk
Tue Mar 2 19:30:49 EST 1999

Does anyone know where I can obtain "fluorescent tempera paint" ? The book
Staining Procedures [Clark, G. (1981) 4th ed. Williams and Wilkins, page 88]
states that

"Since grid lines of a hemacytometer are normally not visible, the problem
is overcome by inserting a thin piece of cardboard coated with fluorescent
tempera paint under the swing out lens of the substage condenser. By
manipulating the light source and condenser height, the light transmitted
upward from the card illuminates the grid lines"

If anyone has experience of this procedure and / or knows where I can obtain
the paint, please could they e-mail me at Rudi.Tapper at port.ac.uk in addition
to replying to the post on the newsgroup.

Thanking you in advance


Dr Rudi Tapper [ www.sci.port.ac.uk/ec/rudi.html ]
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