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Tue Mar 2 22:38:15 EST 1999

If I remember correctly, hyalurandase is an enzyme release by some strep and
staph spp.  It is some times called spreading factor.  Hyaluranic fluid is
found I think in joints and intertissue spaces.  The bacteria release this
enzyme to "break through" and colonize the host.
Norepinephrine is secreted in the autonomic nervous system.  It has an
effect in areas of the brain and spincal cord effecting moods.
Dopamine is part of the limbic system and the hypothalamus.  It has been
thought to have a relation to schizophrenia and Parkinson's
Serotonin is also produced in the Limbic system and hypothalamus,  Plays a
role in sleep and is antigonized by drugs like LSD.
Thats about all I can tell you, pathology was last semester, and I have
pretty much dumped it.

Steve Newport wrote in message <36d9c4bc.2828504 at news.pavilion.net>...
>Anybody any data regarding the action of the following compounds upon
>the human body ?
>Dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, apamin and hyaluronidase

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