micro diversity & environmental fluctuations

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ERIC at COASTAL.EDU wrote in message <7bgsj8$qdp$1 at nnrp1.dejanews.com>...
>Dear colleauges, if anyone out there could help, I'm interested in
>getting a hold of any work that has been done dealing with the
>influence of environmental fluctuation on microbial diversity.  I am
>involved in estuarine research, and the sites within the estuary are
>characterized by a strong gradient not only in mean concentration
>(or value) of nutrients, DOM, salinity, etc... but also a strong
>gradient in the diel & tidal variability (what I'm calling pulse) of
>these factors.  I would be interested in ANY work that has examined
>this type of environmental variability on microbial (bacterial & phyto
>plankton) diversity - this could be field, lab or theoretical work. I have
>searched oceanic abstracts for 1981 - present and there is very little
>available there.  I appreciate any response concerning this request.
>Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Jolyn de Zwart did some modeling of the effect of diurnal cycles on DMS
release and the parameters affecting this in algal mats. I don't have the
references to hand, but a search on her name, combined with our Prof -
J.Gijs Kuenen, should turn them up. Other wise contact me and I'll see what
I can do. There was also a lovely piece of work done back in the '80s, I
think, by Bo Jorgenson (that first o should have a slash through it) and
others on the effect of light/dark cycles on communities of
sulphur-oxidizers, some of which moved up and down with the sulphide
boundary. I think it was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society
of London - he's at the Max Planck Institute in Bremen if you need to ask
for a reprint.
Lesley Robertson

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