Que] Fungus DNA cloning by Restriction Enzyme

vurk vurk at bigfoot.com
Fri Jul 30 04:24:49 EST 1999

For the purpose clone this hydrolytic active Fungus DNA, I plan to
digest the Fungus DNA with Restriction enzyme Instead of cDNA library
and then, I will tranfrom the Plasmid vector into E-coli.

However I think there are two problems.

#1. Is it possible to clone a Fungus DNA just by Restriction enzyme
digestion ?
      (not by cDNA construction)....
     Do you think is it positive?? The Fungus has about a 70
megabasepair DNA.

#2. Fungi are Eukaryotes,
    and we try to express the Eukaryote DNA fragment in E-coli by using
plasmid vector.

    Do you think is it pobbible to express Eukaryote DNa fragment in

Please help me...

Hyun-Min Kim
Hanyang Medical school

E-mail: vurk at bigfoot.com

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