help with fungal id

p. kammeyer pkamm at THERAMP.NET
Wed Jul 28 21:21:01 EST 1999

	You may have a Coelomycete.  Try putting the fungus on carnation leaf
agar(Nelson's Fusarium book), after these hard structures appear on the
inoculated leaves, take out a block of the agar and leaf, take it to
your histopath section, have them put it into a block, section it, and
stain it with PAS.  Perhaps then you can see the internal structure of
these fruiting bodies.  I know next to nothing about Coelomycetes, but
recently had one from a BAL also.  I think it may have been a
Phomopsis.  I have Sutton's book ordered through interlibrary loan to
see if it will help us.  If the isolate is important, you may have to
send it onto a reference laboratory e.g. Dr. Rinaldi's lab in San
Antonio.  There are other good ones, also.  Let us know how your id
comes out.
				Pat Kammeyer
				pkamm at theramp.net

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