Freezing E. coli Hfr

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Wed Jul 28 08:50:23 EST 1999

Dear Pandora,

We routinely freeze down Hfr in 7% DMSO in TSoy Broth and freeze the
cultures at -75oC.

We haven't had any problems with it and we have been doing a lot of work
with it and MS2 phage.

Hope this helps,

Andrew Scott
Molecular Biologist
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enviromic at execulink.com
BSU wrote in message ...
>I maintain the culture collection at a local college, and I’m in the
>of trying to preserve bacterial specimens in 20% glycerol at  –80C. While I
>ve been successful with most of the cultures, I’ve heard that E. coli Hfr
>specimens tend to lose their plasmids at temperatures this low.  Is this
>true? And if so, is there another medium I could use to preserve this
>organism? (I don’t have access to a freeze dryer.)  Any input would be
>Thanks in advance—

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