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Further expanding its range of media for environmental testing, IDG has
introduced a new Buffered Charcoal Yeast extract Agar (BCYE).  Fully
conforming to BSI 6068 and ISO recommendations, this latest addition to the
LAB M catalogue includes a GVPC selective supplement and offers excellent
recovery of Legionella spp.

Current standards specify BCYE as the base agar for Legionella culture, with
the addition of GVPC supplement (Glycine, Vancomycin, Polymixin and
Cycloheximide) for efficient selectivity. The medium is recommended for the
isolation of Legionella organisms in all kinds of environmental samples
including potable, industrial and natural waters, and associated materials
such as sediments, deposits and slime.

Typically a slow growing organism, Legionella may take up to 10 days to
produce visible colonies. Subculture onto BCYE and BCYE without L-cysteine
offers the first provisional identification, with Legionella failing to grow
in the absence of L-cysteine. Alternatively, nutrient agar or blood agar may
be used in place of BCYE without
L- cysteine.
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