dry time for liquid cycle?

Austin Reade rbs at hfx.andara.com
Sun Jul 18 15:35:15 EST 1999

bcttcb at my-deja.com wrote in message <7mt5p2$7g6$1 at nnrp1.deja.com>...
>The autoclave I use has steam sterilize time and
>dry time. Do I have to set a dry time for liquids?
>Is dry time the same as exhaust time? My question
>came because some glass bottles were broken with
>liquid when I set a dry time. Could some one give
>me a hint?

You don't set a drying time when autoclaving liquids.  Use the dry timer for
empty containers or dry materials.  During the drying phase of a cycle,
steam is usually applied to the autoclave jacket while the chamber drain is
open to the atmosphere.  In some machines the chamber may also be maintained
at reduced pressure to speed drying.

Drying time is only relevant after a dry sterilizing cycle.  At the end of
the sterilizing phase  in a dry cycle,  the chamber pressure usually drops
rapidly.  Under these conditions, any liquids will boil and at the least
will be ejected from their containers.  It is also possible for the bottles
to break because of the internal pressure of the boiling contents.

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