dry time for liquid cycle?

lamb L.A.M.Buisman at cable.A2000.nl
Sun Jul 18 14:34:36 EST 1999

bcttcb at my-deja.com wrote:

> Hi,
> The autoclave I use has steam sterilize time and
> dry time. Do I have to set a dry time for liquids?
> Is dry time the same as exhaust time? My question
> came because some glass bottles were broken with
> liquid when I set a dry time. Could some one give
> me a hint?
> Thank you in advance.
> Sincerely,
> Xiaobo Lin

I am not quite sure what you mean, but maybe this might help.The
autoclave in our lab has programmes for autoclaving dry materials
(glassware etc), and programmes for liquids.
The main difference between these programmes is the cooling time. In the
dry programme the pressure is lowered fast, so it cools down rather
quickly. In the liquids-program the pressure goes down very slow.
Otherwise the liquid boils over.

It is important that the tops of bottles are not screwed down  tight
when cooling is forced. Bottles can implode when the pressure is lowered


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