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Dr. Raymond G. Whitham rwhitha at emory.edu
Sat Jul 17 15:58:29 EST 1999


   I have just set up my web site. The purpose of the site is to explain
certain aspects of zoonoses (infections by infectious agents transmitted
between humans and other animals) and other infections to the general
public. I have posted a page entitled "The Risk of Xenotransplants" and am
preparing more pages every day like "Antibacterial Mania" (see comments),
"Diagnosis, Treatments, and You" (which describes the process of a diagnosis
and the need for a diagnosis before treatment), "General Notions Concerning
Zoonoses", & "General Notions Concerning Infections". The focus is on
general aspects of infections of either veterinary and/or human infections &
zoonoses for the general public.

   You are invited to visit my site, link to it, link me to your site, make
constructive comments, make suggestions as to future or existing content, or
anything else you can think of. Tell me what you think, email me.

   Happy Surfing!

Dr. Raymond G. Whitham
Physician, Veterinarian, Epidemiologist

Email : rwhitha at emory.edu
Web Site : http://members.xoom.com/Zinjan/
(Address is case sensitive and there is no www)

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