ADV: Is the Government covering up the "Y2K" crisis?

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Every Citizen deserves to know the truth and the facts about the Y2K
computer problem. Many governmental officials have spoken to the public
on the topic of Y2K for the purpose of not creating any panic to the
communities. Unfortunately, this governmental approach on the problem is
provoking a passive attitude and creating a false sense of security within
Citizens with respect to this extremely vital issue!

Do not be deceived! How much do you really know about the year 2000
computer crisis? Take a look at the following statements made by the
U.S. Senator Robert F. Bennett (R-Utah), Chairman of the Senate Special
Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem:

"The financial services industry is particularly susceptible to the Year 2000
problem. Without reliable systems... interest could be miscalculated, stock
trades could vanish, and customers could have difficulty accessing their
account balances or their credit cards."  The Year 2000 problem -- or the
inability of computers to recognize dates beyond 1999 -- could potentially
cause national and worldwide computer systems to shut down or make
major mistakes at the beginning of the next century".

"While I do hope the FAA is doing as well as it says, experience has taught
me to be suspicious of easy answers and quick fixes," he added.
"One example is the recent overstatement by the Department of Defense,
exposed when its Inspector General reported that 70 percent of the
mission critical systems the department deemed to be Y2K compliant
were, in fact, not." 

Take a look at the following statement relating to the business community: 

"Businesses that fail to properly correct their systems could be committing
corporate suicide," Bennett said. 

"The biggest Y2K headache of all could be the legal fees and lawsuits
that cripple America's employers and working people long after the Y2K
bug has been chased from computer hardware and software." 

As a consumer or a business owner you have the right to obtain quality
information on how to confront the year 2000 computer crisis successfully.

Do you have precise answers to the following questions?

Is your personal computer or network going to survive the coming crash?

Are your software and data files going to be DESTROYED by the
"Millennium Bug"?

Is your computer system fully YEAR 2000 COMPLIANT, even if it is new?

Do you know how the "Electronic Data Interfacing" could severely harm
consumers and businesses?

Your business survival will depend on you obtaining quality information
and FACTS. Learn how to protect your business against individuals and
lawyers who may be currently preparing to file lawsuits against your
business for not being fully Y2K compliant.

Denying or ignoring the problem would be a foolish position to take. 

Learn why your computer compliance efforts should meet the internationally
adopted standard BSI (British Standard Institution for Year 2000 Compliance) 

Learn more about the most recent technical Y2K problem found in
personal computers and networks-- the "Crouch-Echlin Time Dilation
Effect".  Ignoring this problem can send your compliance efforts down
the drain.

How would you like to make $ thousands of dollars by taking advantage
of the income opportunities originated by the year 2000 computer crisis. 

Obtain a FREE report on the facts and solutions to the upcoming Y2K
computer crash. 

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