susceptibility of ultra-bacteria to heat?

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Anne Thomas  <anne.t at net.ntl.com> wrote:
>I agree about Microsporidia.. they are fascinating! But...do you use
>modified trichrome stain to screen for them? If so... is it a commercial
>kit or do you make the reagents up yourself?

A good staining technique I have used (uses basic staining stuff) can be
found in:
Moura, H; Schwartz, D A; Bornay-Llinares, F; Sodre, F C; Wallace, S;
Visvesvara, G S.  A new and improved "quick-hot Gram-chromotrope" technique 
that differentially stains microsporidian spores in clinical samples, 
including paraffin-embedded tissue sections. 
Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, v.121, n.8, 1997:888-893 

It's not a difficult procedure although I would, from personal experience,
simply set the safranin to boil on a hot plate rather than use a microwave.
It works just as well and fewer opportunities for colorful accidents.

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