[book wanted] Geissman's flavonoids

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You may be able to find a copy at www.alibris.com, they are probably
the best out of print book store on the web today. Good luck.
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In article <7m697m$kcu$2 at morgoth.sfu.ca>,
  say at sfu.ca (Daniel Say) wrote:
>   Anyone know where I can get a copy of :
> Geissman, T. A. (Theodore Albert), 1908-
>   The chemistry of flavonoid compounds.  Oxford, New York, Pergamon
> 1962.  666 p. illus. 24 cm. [ LCCN:  61-9779 r90 ]
>  Bibliofind, amazon.com's out of print searcher
> can't find a copy, nor can abebooks.com.

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