susceptibility of ultra-bacteria to heat?

Timothy Paustian paustian at bact.wisc.edu
Wed Jul 14 12:46:26 EST 1999

David Lloyd-Jones wrote:

> Stay with that wariness, babe, it'll save your ass.
> I see a number of things happening across the biology newsgroups, and while
> some of it is sheer ignorance and stupidity, like poor "selah"'s post you
> replied to, elsewhere we see professional jealousy, perhaps some academic
> politicing, and here and there maybe ass-covering. To wit:
> When Stanley B. Prusiner got the Nobel in medicine and physiology the year
> before last for prions there was real weirdity around the joint.

I think what you are seeing is professional jealousy. Stanley was a late
comer to the field of mad cow disease and rumor has it he didn't make
too many friends when he came in. He basically renamed the particle
everyone was after "prions" and acted as if he started the field. Don't
get me wrong, from reading his work, he is a very smart man and has made
important contributions. I just think the initial how do you do ticked
off a bunch of people and scienctist have LONG memories. I just think,
as can sometimes be the case, he is a bit lacking in people skills. I
don't have any first hand knowledge so I should probably keep my mouth shut.

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