susceptibility of ultra-bacteria to heat?

Timothy Paustian paustian at bact.wisc.edu
Wed Jul 14 12:50:31 EST 1999

Joan Marie Shields wrote:
> I was at the last ASM General Meeting (Chicago, May-June, 1999).  There
> was a symposium about ultramicrobacteria which included a talk about the
> basic size requirements etc - all based on present knowledge and
> understanding of bacteria and what is required to preform certain basic
> tasks etc.  Much of it boiled down to a great deal of skepetism that these
> organisms exist.  In the audiance was a woman who is a member of a lab
> working on these, in blood.  I admired her standing up to the prevailing
> attitude of ridicule.  There's a lot we don't know and the assumptions we
> make regarding microorganisms have had a tendancy (if you look at the
> history) of falling apart.  There is some evidence that these bugs exist,
> maybe not enough to absolutely prove it but enough to warrent a closer
> look.

Intersting, wish I coulda made it. The people who push the dogma always
have to withstand such pressure. Its a classic mechanism for finding the
truth. If her data is good and she believes it (and from what I have
read she should) she can withstand it.

> I'm an environmental microbiogist (that's what they tell me anyway) though
> I work with eukaryotes.

Well are they small eukaryotes? :-)

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Do you find that this helps?


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