susceptibility of ultra-bacteria to heat?

Timothy Paustian paustian at bact.wisc.edu
Wed Jul 14 12:18:17 EST 1999

Chris Fields wrote:

> This isn't entirely true, even for E. coli. 

Of course, but my point was that E coli will not grow at 70°C. I
consider 15°C a minor difference :-). Its all semantics I guess.

> I agree about splitting hairs.  I believe someone else in this thread
> mentioned that bacterial evolution is probably best described as a
> network instead of a tree (W. F. Doolittle had a great article in
> Science from June 25 about this very thing).

Yep. the concept of horizontal gene transfer espeically in bacteria is
going to force everyone to rethink evolution.
>  So much gene swapping has
> occurred (according to the genome projects,at least) that the lines
> between genus, species, and strains are more blurry than ever.

>  BTW,
> aren't you guys up there in Wisconsin sequencing 0157:H7 (Blattner's
> lab)?

Yep. They are making much more rapid progress due to the new gene
sequencers. Many of the undergraduates I teach work in Fred's lab.

Timothy Paustian
Univ.of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI

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