Aspiring writer needs NG help for story

John R. McQuiston zje8 at cdc.gov
Tue Jul 13 06:50:56 EST 1999

>1) How would I determine a new chromosome? 

In any animal, a new chromosome would really constitute a new genus at least or 
even a new family, phylogenetically speaking.  If this were a human I would 
doubt that it would even resemble a human considering the number of genes on 
one chr.  From an evolutionary standpoint though it is an interesting concept. 
 Where would it come from?  What effects would it have? 
 Comparativley, does anyone know if Cromagnon or Neanderthal had a different 
number?  Probably not since DNA hasn't been isolated from them to my knowledge. 
This would be a HUGE evolutionary jump which is unlikely though.  Most 
evolution occurs at a much smaller scale.  I guess nothing's imposssible 

John R. McQuiston

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