Possible degradation in the effectiveness of antibiotics in the treatment of human diseases

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Mon Jul 12 15:18:56 EST 1999

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>Toxoplasma isn't a bacterium and can't be treated with antibiotics. It's a

 Perhaps I had misunderstood the article that I read....
 But in searching the web to check out the point that you made (above)
 I came across a relevant article:

 The title of the article is: "Antibiotic Slows Parasites"
 and it reports on positive results from  research that
demonstrated  that antibiotics designed to
kill bacteria can  also slow the growth of a multicellular parasite
in petri dishes. According to the article:
       researchers treated a petri dish culture of human
       connective tissue cells that were infected with
       Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that infects AIDS
       patients. Not only did the antibiotic ciprofloxacin
       inhibit apicoplast DNA copying by 50%, it also slowed
       parasite reproduction threefold and killed them soon

 --- Bill

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