susceptibility of ultra-bacteria to heat?

Timothy Paustian paustian at bact.wisc.edu
Wed Jul 7 13:01:49 EST 1999

*selah* wrote:
> I was wondering if the "ultra"-bacteria (bacteria the size of viruses such
> as crytosporidium, etc.) are as resistant to heat sterilization as other
> bacteria - i.e. needing 120 degrees C for 20 minutes - or if it's like
> viruses needing only 80 degrees C for a minutes or so.
> Thanks.

Ultrasmall bacteria are still controversial. They really haven't proven
to many scientists that they do exist. I would speculate that they are
as heat resistant as other bacteria, but that entirely depends upon the species.


Timothy Paustian
Univ.of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI

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