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>>But what of the U.S.?  Nixon had turned Fort Detrick, the notorious biowar
>>research center, into a "cancer research" center.  As a later outgrowth,
>>this research would involve eerily AIDS-like viruses. [2]
>First, using a book of opinions and theories as a reference doesn't exactly
>back up your ideas.  It just shows that 2 people are just as diluted.
>Second I know of a lot of people at USAMRIID and I've never heard of it
>referred to as a "cancer research center".  The "ID" in USAMRIID stands for
>Infectious Diseases.  Do your homework Tom.  What eery AIDS-like virus.  In
>my years in ID research and I've never heard of any of these.


  When I was a fellow at the NIH I had ocassion to visit Frederick and
the cancer center there (a branch of NCI).  It does share roughly the same
location as the old Ft. Detrick.  Retroviral research was and is done there
but nothing "eery" and certainly not related to biowar agents.


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