Emerging Diseases & Biowar

John R. McQuiston zje8 at cdc.gov
Mon Jul 5 11:55:57 EST 1999

There are so many flaws in this thread I can't even start to point all of them 
out but I'll try.  Normally I would ignore this rhetoric but in a way keeping 
quiet is almost like accepting this garbage.  

>It is curious how two popular threads of news stories can persist at such
>great length, yet never seem to find their obvious connection, in the
>public mind.

First of all I find this very arrogant to propose that you are the first to try 
to put these together.  

>One thread is about emerging diseases- all the new ones that appeared
>for the first time between the 1960s and 1980s:  AIDS, ebola, hanta,
>lyme disease, Legionnaire's disease, Gulf War Syndrome, mad cow,
>Chronic Fatigue.

Legionnaire's ????  Mad Cow???  CFS???? Come on Tom hardly very good 

>But what of the U.S.?  Nixon had turned Fort Detrick, the notorious biowar
>research center, into a "cancer research" center.  As a later outgrowth,
>this research would involve eerily AIDS-like viruses. [2]

First, using a book of opinions and theories as a reference doesn't exactly 
back up your ideas.  It just shows that 2 people are just as diluted.

Second I know of a lot of people at USAMRIID and I've never heard of it 
referred to as a "cancer research center".  The "ID" in USAMRIID stands for 
Infectious Diseases.  Do your homework Tom.  What eery AIDS-like virus.  In all 
my years in ID research and I've never heard of any of these.

>This was "Tricky Dick" Nixon, whose staff admits to plots of political
>murder [3], who plotted to have Teamster thugs beat up antiwar protestors,
>who once plotted to stage a phony burglary of GOP headquarters, and
>try to blame it on Democrats.    One of the Watergate criminals, Gordon
>Liddy, admits in his autobiography to showing a Nazi propaganda
>film to his own children.  The is but the smallest sample to illustrate
>the flavor of the Nixon White House.  Can we really trust
>this man at his word?

Do you really have to go back to the 70's to get a polictician we don't trust. 
 Come on.  It's hard today to find a politician we do trust.  

>The American public has been conditioned to regard such beliefs
>automatically as "paranoia" or "propaganda".

I think this is the most rediculous statement of the entire "article"  
Americans love scandals.  Anyone heard of Monica Lewinsky?  This is where the 
entire hypothesis falls apart.  The number of people that would have to be part 
of this great cover up is enormous. Lab techs, Scientists, animal techs.... You 
couldn't do almost 30 years of bioweapons research in this country and not have 
a someone spill the beans so to speak.  Before Nixon and watergate this could 
be possible.  Now.... no way. People can't keep secrets in this country and can 
you think of a news agency that wouldn't pay heavily for this???  

>Has either country *ever* given up all biowar research, even today?


John McQuiston

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