Erythrocyte ghosts

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Thu Jul 1 11:31:59 EST 1999

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wmason at COMP.UARK.EDU says...
>I am curious if any of you know or have a protocol for creating
>erythrocyte ghosts.  These are RBCs that have been gently lysed to 
>the hemoglobin and then "resealed" for purposes of studying the plasma
>Also, would any of you have a good protocol for separating bacteria 
>blood cells (ie. bacteria from a blood culture).  Centrifugation at 
>speeds and times typically sediments most of the bacteria with the 
>Thanks for your help,
>Jeff Mason
>University of Arkansas, Biological Sciences/Microbiology
>wmason at comp.uark.edu

You might be able to find the methodology by going through manuscripts
with J R DeLoach as author /coauther//also look at his book chapters.

I don't know how valid/solid/ reliable/useful etc.  any of his stuff is, 
but there is lots of it out there.  
For years he did 'packaging' studies in which he inserted various
compounds into reannealed red cells.  

Do a quick search with medline using his name and you should turn up
these papers.  

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