EBV reccurance?

amber justin at modulartech.com
Sat Jan 30 03:49:24 EST 1999

Hi I wonder could any one help me.
according to general medical opinion glander fever (mononucleosis) caused by
the Epstein Barr virus does not reoccur.  I have however had it twice (in my
early twenties, I'm in my late twenties now), both times it was diagnosed by
the lab.  I was wondering as it is a member of the Herpes group, which are
known for reoccurring, is this usual?
The other interesting factor is that both times i had the disease, I had had
vaccinations a couple of months before.  The first time was a Hep B
vaccination (I only had the first injection, as I was ill for the next)  and
the second was for TB (BCG).
I was wondering that as EBV infects (amongst others)  the  B lymphocytes, is
it possible that the virus remains dormant (latent) in these cells until the
vaccination activates them which in turn causes replication of the virus and
so the disease again.  I know that there is a link between EBV and Hodgkin's
lymphoma, which my aunt died of and my uncle currently has, so another
question is there some sort of genetic susceptibility?
I would really appreciate any ideas people have on this, as i have been
thinking about this for a while.
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