Microfiltration and AntiFoam

R.I. Mateles rmateles at candida.com
Sat Jan 30 08:55:24 EST 1999

Some of the polypropylene glycol antifoams are sufficiently water soluble
that they ought not plug a sterile filter if the medium plus antifoam is
filtered.  You can't easily filter sterilize the antifoam by itself because
the viscoisty is rather high.  You also could steam sterilize the antifoam
and then add it to the medium after the latter has been filter sterilized.

Rich Mateles

Asgeir Winnberg wrote in message <917611877.365747 at halvan.trd.sintef.no>...
>Does anybody know where (whom) to contact to get information of commercial
>antifoam agent(s) that can be used in sterile filtration of bacteria
>plugging the filter?
>Are there any news-groups filtration?

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