How to prove an infection by a lab result ?

Fergus McClelland redux at perdrix.demon.co.uk
Fri Jan 29 18:33:54 EST 1999

Kitten.Kate at sciboard.spd.louisville.edu (Kitten Kate) wrote:

>RE>>MY>I'm taking antibiotics for more than 6 months now as a treatment for
>RE>>MY>urethritis (the top of my urethra is giving me a burning feeling)
>RE>>MY>without a positive result.
>RE>>MY>Now my uroloog has doubts whether the burning feeling is really caused
>RE>>MY>by an infection or by something else.
>RE>>You might want to check with your gyno to see if you have vestibulitis
>RE>>or vulvodynia.  Both of them can cause burning to the urethra and
>RE>>genital area.
>RE>Good suggestion Kate, but, though the name does not indicate it to me
>RE>either, the poster is a man, (who posts to another group to which I
>RE>subscribe, which is how I know).
>Oh, whoops.  Well, he can disregard my advice, but maybe it can help
>someone with the right parts.  <G>

I'm sure it will.

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