FW: Shall we moderate bionet.microbiology? Please read.

Dra. Gpe. Virginia Nevarez Moorillon vnevare at uach.mx
Tue Jan 26 20:35:12 EST 1999

Same here.

At 08:49 26/01/99 -0800, Michael Sherrell wrote:
>I second the sentiment!
>Mike Sherrell
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>>moderation works in that all posts to bionet.microbiology will have to
>>be screened manually for content by the moderators before they appear
>>on the web. While not fool-proof, this will lead to a reduction of
>>unrelated or unsuitable messages, such as spam. A few newsgroups have
>>moderation status. The advantages are that one has to deal with less
>>unrelated posts, the disadvantages are that moderation will cause a
>>delay in the message appearing on the net.
>Though I understand the need some newsgroups have for moderation, I truly do
>not believe this is one of them.  Yes, I've seen some spam here.  But,
>there is just not enough traffic in this newsgroup to warrant all the work it
>would take, I believe.  When you've got, say, 500 posts a day, and 450 of
>are spam, definately - moderate.  But the most I've seen here are no less
>say 40 posts a day, maybe 5 of which are spam.  
>Just my two cents.
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