How to prove an infection by a lab result ?

Geert myname at village.remove.uunet.be
Sun Jan 24 11:12:56 EST 1999


I'm taking antibiotics for more than 6 months now as a treatment for
urethritis (the top of my urethra is giving me a burning feeling)
without a positive result.

Now my uroloog has doubts whether the burning feeling is really caused
by an infection or by something else.

Samples taken with a cotton tip stick at the top inside of my urethra
have always shown many Streptococcus D (++ and +++) in the lab
results. My mid stream urine was (is still) negative.
The last sample taken also shows E. Coli ++ (and again Streptococcus D

Can these bacteria be considered as normal flora there ?

For me, it still feels like a small, infected wound inside the top.

Is it possible (which check does the lab has to perform) to prove an
infection by a lab result from a sample taken with a cotton tip stick
at the (probably) infected spot (in my case the top inside of my
urethra) ?

Is it possible to prove it by a white blood cell count (number of
cells in the sample fluid on the cotton tip stick) ?
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