E. Coli DNA

Julie Paquin jpaqui2 at PO-BOX.MCGILL.CA
Sun Jan 24 14:25:44 EST 1999

If you want to know how many pieces and how big they are going to be, you
need to know the strain of E. coli you are using like K12 (very common one)
and then you can look up in the litterature for the E. coli genome.  Every
DNA or plasmids have what we call restriction sites, these sites have
specific sequences that can be recognised by specific endonuclease enzymes
(or restriction enzymes).  These are able to cut the DNA at these specific
sites only.  So when you mix a cocktail of these enzymes with your E. coli
DNA and run through an agarose gel you will get a number of fragments of
different lenght and sizes.  But like it is mentioned below, it depends on
the type of enzymes you use.


+AD4-If you run E. coli DNA through agarose you won't see much of a ladder.
+AD4-If you cut in pieces, yes, then it depends on which enzyme you use.
+AD4-R.C wrote:
+AD4APg- In my Bio class we are going to run E. Coli DNA through agarose to
+AD4APg- the laddering.  He asked the class to think about what the ladder would
+AD4APg- like and why.  How would I be able to find out, without us doing the
+AD4APg- experiment?
+AD4APg- Any info appreciated.
+AD4APg- Rob

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