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On 14 Jul 1997 17:56:16 GMT, ae159 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Paul
Michniewicz) wrote:

>I am doing some research into the area of bioremediation (the use of
>micro-organisms to decompose polluted ecologies).  The focus of my
study is
>the biology and biochemistry of the biodegradation in petroleum
>soils.  Much of what I've found seems to be directed towards the
>and engineering of bioreactors and process.  I would like to focus my
>on the microbes themselves and degredation pathways for PAHs and
>If anyone out there knows of any good references, journal articles,
>or discussion groups, I would be most grateful if you could relay
>information to me.
>thanks in advance,
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Hello Paul

There are several companies who supply strains and mixtures of strains
specifically selected and developed for degradation of hydrocarbons.
Most of these have been developed for in-situ application. One of the
best ranges I have found is from INTERBIO. They have a web page which
you can find through most search engines. These bacteria respond
quickly to the appropriate substrate and can be isolated for analysis.


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