distinguishing living and dead cells

Hiranya S. Roychowdhury hroychow at NMSU.EDU
Thu Jan 21 19:27:33 EST 1999

At 11:52 PM 1/21/99 GMT, Fatih Evrendilek wrote:
>	Hi,
>	After a processing to inactivatea specific bacterial population (e.g. S. 
>aureus)  in any kind of liquid media, how can you seperate dead and living 
>	Assume that the treatment destroys the cell membrane. In addition, in 
>your liquid media not every bacterial cell is not treated equally meaning your 
>treatment is not homogenous throughout the system thus. you have not injured, 
>injured, and death cells. In this case some cell organells will go out liquid 
>media from the injured and death cells and the density of that cells would be 
>different than the one that has not been destroyed. But I am not sure if 
>density difference will help me?
>	Thanks
>		Gulsun 

I am at all sure I understand your statements and questions. AFAIK, you can
not separate dead from living cells from a liquid medium, since all cells...
dead or alive tend to have very similar density. Was that your query?

However, you can do "viable counts" from a liquid culture by plating known
dilutions of the same on an appropriate plate.  

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