What is Ultra-pasteurization?

Bompuz bompuz at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 20 08:21:02 EST 1999

Ultra-pasteurized milk is the same as UHT milk (UHT = Ultra High
Temperature). Ultra-pasteurization involves heating the product to 140-146
°C for 3-4 seconds. The shelf-life of UHT milk produced in Norway is 6
months !

Stephen C. Francesconi <scf at ccf.nrl.navy.mil> wrote in message
news:scf-ya02408000R2001990736270001 at news.nrl.navy.mil...
>After reading the previous thread on the shelf-life of pasteurized milk, I
>started wondering what is the process that creates "ultra-pasteuized"
>cream. If you buy it as half and half, it will last for weeks. The outdate
>seems to be roughly four weeks after you see it in stores, so the process
>must be knocking down the cfu count.

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