Need info on Strep Gamma Hemolytic

Maggiecttr maggiecttr at aol.com
Tue Jan 19 22:44:38 EST 1999

I'm a chemist whose partner whose partner's semen was recently pure-culture
tested. The result was "heavy growth of streptococcus gamma hemolytic." No
sensitivity test was run, since the lab deemed this bacteria "a natural
inhabitant of the urogenital tract." The lab also said it could've been the
result of contamination when the specimen was taken.
Question: What particular strep is this? Could it be a Type D (enterococcus
faecalis, the bacteria I was positively urine- broth-tested for )? The lab
didn't say, and it's out of my realm of expertise. Do you agree that if he's
asymptomatic, no treatment is necessary for him?

Thank you very much!

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