Handwashing soap

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Sun Jan 17 10:15:30 EST 1999

Try ChlorHexadine.... We use it in an critical care area were we are
continously exposed to TB.... MRSA....VRE...and Ps.aurginosa and if its good
for these *critters* it should be good for what you need it for.... It just
dries your hands out and lotion is the best remedy.

Yersinia wrote:

> Hi Bob,
> You wrote:
> < have a problem that I need help with.  The handwashing soap at my
> facility
> contains dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides and Ethyl benzyl ammonium
> chloride
> at 5% each.  Its my understanding that these are irritants.  If so, are
> they
> safe to apply to the hands over an extended period of time.  If anyone
> has any
> knowledge about this, please share with me.
> Also, I was told that this soap is intended for cleaning walls, doors,
> floors, and items of that nature.  >
> This sounds like a preparation we use at our lab, called Arrive - but we
> use it to disinfect our benches!!
> Infectionately,
> Yersinia.
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