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Helen E. Laver Helen at laverhome.demon.co.uk
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was this in aid of getting rid of S.aureus?
if so, why not use a surgical hand scrub like hibiscrub. there are also
loads of moisturising antibacterial handwashes on the market at the
moment, they may cost a bit more, but they are well worth it.
hope this is of some use,

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>> I have a problem that I need help with.  The handwashing soap at my facility
>> contains dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides and Ethyl benzyl ammonium chloride
>> at 5% each.  Its my understanding that these are irritants.  If so, are they
>> safe to apply to the hands over an extended period of time.  If anyone has any
>> knowledge about this, please share with me.
>> Thanks in advance
>> Bob Fisher
>1. Find the MSDS for each component. It will have all of the info u
>require about exposure to these chemicals.
>2. Why not use a chlorhexidine-based detergent. Fairly standard
>stuff.Has good residual effect.
>2a Wear gloves. Less handwashing will be needed.
>3. Some people substitute heavy-duty chemicals for good handwashing
>technique. Find your local Infection Control guru and ask her to give a
>handwashing demo. Also ask about a product called "Glitterbug": demo
>participants put it on their hands like a moisturiser, wash their hands
>and then you hold their hands under UV. Where they missed washing,
>their hand glows like, well, a glitterbug. Very effective tool for
>teching handwashing.
>remove plusses for emailing me.

Helen E. Laver

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