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Colin Cunningham c.cunningham at ed.ac.uk
Sat Jan 16 10:07:00 EST 1999

Contaminated Land Assessment and Remediation Research Centre (CLARRC)

CLARRC, recently created with funding from the Scottish Higher
Education Funding Council, is a joint initiative of The University of
Edinburgh, Napier University, and the Scottish Universities
Environmental Research Centre. It was formed to bring together
representatives of the contaminated land industry and researchers with
considerable expertise in the spectrum of disciplines relevant to
contaminated land. Its overall goal is to develop strategies and
techniques for safely assessing and treating contaminated sites to a
standard consistent with its beneficial use. To this end, basic
research is planned on the movement and behaviour of contaminants in
the subsurface, microbially mediated degradation of organic
pollutants, and the use of non-invasive methods of assessing land

Current projects include:

Geophysical investigations of contaminated land
Modelling of biogeochemical transformations of petroleum contaminants
in soils 
Prediction of natural attenuation feasibility in complex
biogeochemical environments
Modelling subsurface flow and contaminant migration pathways
Assessment of novel in-situ remediation techniques
Bioremediation of diesel-contaminated soils 
Biosurfactant-enhanced bioremediation
Risk assessment related to health effects of contaminated land
Engineering analysis of landfill settlement
Use of radionuclides and stable isotopes to study the environmental
migration of contaminants

Colin Cunningham 
Research Co-ordinator
Contaminated Land Assessment and Remediation Research Centre (CLARRC)
Crew Building, The King's Buildings
The University of Edinburgh
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)131 650-7327
Fax: +44 (0)131 650-7276
Email: c.cunningham at ed.ac.uk

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