Amino Acid Activation( Genetics )

immunechem immune at intergate.bc.ca
Tue Jan 12 22:37:03 EST 1999

Forming phosphoryl (from tRNA with the cost of ATP)-carboxyl (from 
aminoacid) hetero-anhydride  is called aminoacid activation. The 
anhydride formed btw tRNA and aminoacid not only facilitate the 
formation of peptide bond (phosphate is good leaving group) but also the 
precision of the bond-formation (tRNA is specific for each aminoacid and 
recognize the precise code on mRNA in robosome). Sorry if confused.

In article <77gh5v$gnj$1 at ns1.otenet.gr>, dolphine at otenet.gr says...
>Amino acid activation in genetics is when the correct amino acid is
>connected to the correct t-RNA so it can be added to a newly formed 
>acid chain (a protein)
>In addition a small protein can activate the expression of a gene and 
>is called protein activation of a genen or amino acid activation.
>I think that is what you are looking for.  If not please send more
>information about what you are talikng about and I will try to help.
>Dora Gavriil
>Juzer Gunja wrote in message <369A4E0D.A295E7C2 at emirates.net.ae>...
>>Can anyone explain to me what amino acid activation means in simple
>>English! and how it works

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