Amino Acid Activation( Genetics )

Dora Gavriil dolphine at otenet.gr
Tue Jan 12 17:11:02 EST 1999

Amino acid activation in genetics is when the correct amino acid is
connected to the correct t-RNA so it can be added to a newly formed amino
acid chain (a protein)
In addition a small protein can activate the expression of a gene and that
is called protein activation of a genen or amino acid activation.
I think that is what you are looking for.  If not please send more
information about what you are talikng about and I will try to help.
Dora Gavriil
Juzer Gunja wrote in message <369A4E0D.A295E7C2 at emirates.net.ae>...
>Can anyone explain to me what amino acid activation means in simple
>English! and how it works

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