Handwashing soap

Yersinia yersinia at CYBERNEX.NET
Sat Jan 9 23:51:33 EST 1999

Hi Bob,

You wrote:

< have a problem that I need help with.  The handwashing soap at my 
contains dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides and Ethyl benzyl ammonium 
at 5% each.  Its my understanding that these are irritants.  If so, are 
safe to apply to the hands over an extended period of time.  If anyone 
has any
knowledge about this, please share with me.

Also, I was told that this soap is intended for cleaning walls, doors, 
floors, and items of that nature.  >

This sounds like a preparation we use at our lab, called Arrive - but we 
use it to disinfect our benches!!


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