Enterococcus + indiff. Streptococci as normal vaginal flora ?

Geert myname at village.remove.uunet.be
Mon Jan 4 14:58:54 EST 1999


On a vagina-sample taken two weeks ago, the lab found:
- many Enterococcus
- many Gram Neg agents (E. Coli)
- many indifferent Streptococci
- No Streptococcus agalactiae.
Are these bacteria considered to be "normal vaginal flora" ?

In my urine-sample, contaminated by vaginal secretions, were too many 
white blood cells and some pus found.

An, in the mean time, clean-taken urine-sample (cystoscopic) 
contained no bacteria and was negative for white blood count and 

I have no negative symptoms at all, do I have to worry about 
vaginitis ? 
Should I be treated with antibiotics ?

I've been taken cortisone from March '97 up to March '98, started 
with 32 mg and decreased troughout the year to none.
Can this treatment have had an effect on getting vaginitis ?

With thanks,

	and all the best in 1999,


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