Transcription factors etc

David J. Studholme d.studholme at ic.ac.uk
Tue Jan 5 07:15:01 EST 1999

Dear Mark, and All.

I suggest you have a look at Tracy Nixon's
SEQSAN web page www.bmb.psu.edu/seqscan/seqscan.htm which has
a very nice program for detecting Sigma-N and IHF binding sites.
The program can also be adapted (by creating new search matrix) to detect
other sequence elements.

See also the Church lab web page arep.med.harvard.edu
and also recent publications from their group. They have detected
predicted protein binding sites in E. coli genome using a
program called ScanAce.

If anyone knows of any other similar resources, I would also
be interested in hearing about them!

I imagine analysis of promoter sites for other (sigma70-type)
sigma-factors would be difficult since there is relatively little
sequence conservation.



>Dear All,
>Could any one tell me of internet addresses which may have programs
>capable of analysing prokaryotic DNA sequences for potential transcription
>promoters, and other control elements.
>Much thanks in advance,
>Mark Payton
>Dr M. Payton
>Dept of Pharmacology,
>University of Oxford.
>United Kingdom

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