any success with PdCl2 and H2 to reduce media?

Nicholas Landau nlandau at eden.rutgers.edu
Wed Jan 6 01:32:36 EST 1999

gerne at my-dejanews.com writes:

>I would expect Oxyrase to be the best reducing agent you could add directly
>to the media. I haven't got the whold thread of the message, so I do not know
>what the original question was, but try to have a look at the recently
>devellopped SPRINT media from Oxoid if you look for anaerobe recovery.
>Regards Gerhard In article <76mjd7$f0h at er7.rutgers.edu>, 

No no no no no.  Forget oxyrase.  Oxyrase is not a real reductant.
It just consumes O2 gas.  That will not get you much lower than
0 mV, and our friend is shooting for -300 mV.  A real reductant
will run around giving away electrons to all interested oxidized
compounds.  Titanium and sulfide can be added directly to media,
and they are potent reductants.

Oxyrase is fine for facultatives or non-fastideous anaerobes.  Once
you start to deal with some of the methanogens and sulfur-reducing
bacteria, oxyrase won't cut it.  I have an iron reducer in the lab
who isn't terribly happy if you use oxyrase (oxyrase produces
inconsistent growth in this strain).  They do dig mercapthoethane
sulfonic acid, though.

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