how use ultraviolet light to sterilize?

phil jorge2 at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 6 21:07:13 EST 1999

Pleaase don't forget that most bugs can photoreactivate after UV
exposure so the claim of UV benefit may be more of a lab phenomenon than
a real benefit.

Rog wrote:
> On 30 Dec 1998 15:52:48 -0000, "jayakumar" <jakku at mrna.tn.nic.in>
> wrote:
> >Dear members
> >   Moreover UV does not pass through any OPAQUE  material, least of all
> >plastic.  Water also absorbs UV, as does glass. Quartz is transparent to UV.
> >   Please comment on this
> >jakku
> >****************************************************************************
> >********************
> >R. Jayakumar, CSIR-SRF,
> >School of Biotechnology,
> >Madurai Kamaraj University,
> >Madurai - 625021.
> >India
> I beg to take exception to this - some recent experiments I have
> conducted on samples of common gallon sized plastic milk containers
> have found them to be highly transmissive of UVC rays (and of course
> UVA and UVB as well), even though they are translucent, rather than
> transparent.  They may, in fact, be considerably more transparent than
> many forms of glass.
> --Rog

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