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Graham Shepherd muhero at globalnet.co.uk
Mon Aug 2 16:23:23 EST 1999

kiewel306 at my-deja.com wrote in message <7o4dkg$og2$1 at nnrp1.deja.com>...
>I have a general question about the wide-spread use of antibiotics.  I
>am cell biologist, but I realize the problems that the over-use of
>antibiotics has caused, namely the development of resistant strains of
>bacteria.  I was wondering what the experts (meaning microbiologists
>and not MD's) thought about the use of "topical antibiotics".  Recently
>I've seen many consumer products advertising the use antibiotics- hand
>soap, dish soap, mouth wash, band-aids, etc.  Are we (consumers) asking
>for trouble by extensively using these products or am I being paranoid?
>Kevin Flynn
>Research Biologist
>Duluth MN USA
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IMHO, yes, this is asking for trouble. Overuse of antibiotics and
antiseptics can lead to resistance building up in the bacterial population,
and application of these materials to healthy tissues can damage them and
disrupts the normal flora which is part of your protection against
pathogenic organisms. In normal domestic circumstances, hand washing with
hot soapy water is about as good as anything else and a lot cheaper. If
you're caring for someone with an infectious disease then more rigorous
methods may be required - household bleach is good for most things (for
disinfection!) People get FAR TOO PARANOID about bugs.


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