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The Phyisical Teorem about Cancer

wenchi hwang chichi77 at m4.is.net.tw
Sun Aug 1 04:05:07 EST 1999

    This is the theorem about phyisics, but we will define the
cancer and virus to be the anti-cells.Maybe it is a crazy theorem
,but it will give you a new way to think about the biolgy.

Suppose 1. If any materials  go into the black hole will translate
                 to two kinds of particals, just like the high energy
                 photon pass through the big electric field  would
                 produce the electron-positron pair.So that the two
                 kinds of particals are inveased to each other.
    Explain: According to the general relative theorem ,the space
                will be curved by the gravitational fild.If we think it
                in the second dimension plane,the curved planed can't
                described  with second dimension . So that the curved
                space is beyond  the dimension of the smooth  space.
                (In the genral relative theorem , it adds time to the
                dimension.) And when the curved space is closed,
                in some kind of thinking the black hole is produced.
               But what I thought is the free of the curved space
               from the original space.That's mean the motion of the
               production is free on the higher degree space,because
               when it is closed then it is independent of the original
               space. So that you must find the new particals about
               the higher degree space.

Suppose2. Any creature was  created by one body and one
                soul.The basic unit of the body is the cell.The basic
                unit of the soul is one of the particals created by the
                black hole. The cell is relative to that kind of parti-
                cals and the cell of the cancer is relative to the other.
                We will call thease kinds of particals to be soulon
                 and  anti-soulon .( And I define the cell of cancer
                and the virus are the anti-cells here.)
  Explain: When you want to find the higher degree particals,
                you'd better find them in the natrual world first.
                Maybe somebody wo'nt agree with the exist of the
                soul ,but I believe every one will agree with that if
                the soul exists then it exists in the higher degree
                space.The new idea here is the basic particals of the
               soul.According to the experience of the physics
                every kind of martrials have basic particals.I think
               that would be same to the soul.

Could those two suppose be truely or not? That is very hard to
prove. It will be discussed by next.

Theorem discuss
    I:The probability with dimension cocept
      a. From the Schroedinger equation we got a complex
          solution{like R(x,t)+ i I(x,t) }. And the probability is
          the square of R(x,t) to plus the square of the I(x,t). It
          seems just like the calaulation of the length in second
          dimention space.  So, that's check the probability of the
          photon and the cell.(Schroedinger equation suit for any
          materials  that do not move with ligh speed.)  Define
          thease kinds of particals are the second dgree quatum.
         (The discover of the imaginary number  let me have so
          many imagination .What's  the meaning of that for the
          physics.When I found the  gene use three basic units to
          array, it gives me some important message.

       b. The probability of photon is just  need one unit.(Any
           particals move with ligh speed is all the same.) It
           means the photon is the first degree quatum.

       c. The probabilty of the cell is the array of gene, and the
            gene is made up by cordon.The cordon has three units,
            for example, just like AAA ATG  CTG CCG.That's
            very interesting to discuss why the units of cordon are
            not 2,not 4 ,not 5, not 6,but 3.  (All the cells of the
            creature are all the same.)Somebody said that's because
            the first protist was come from the outer space.But
            maybe the rule is all the same in the universe.Maybe
            that mean the cell represent the third degree quantum.

    II. The space field with relativity concept
        a. The motion of the electric materials will have two
            kinds of field , the magnetic field and the electric
            field . Dfine the second quntum space is structured
            by thease two field,then you can say the magnetic
            field is the relative field of the electric field.

         b.Does there have any relative field of the gravitational
            field existed?If you compare with the effect of the
            pyramid and the gravitational field,you will find them
            all need big mass to produce the effection.Maybe the
            effect inside is one of the relative field about the gravi-
            tational field. What is the effect of the pyramid?
            The effect of pyramid is to protect the body of the
            creature from decaying.

           That's mean we have found the relationship between
           the gravitational field and the creature,so that the
           black hole must be relative to the creature!!

Experiment discuss
          The first we must suppose the reason why the pyramid
          can avoid the decay of the body.
       I. Suppose the field inside the pyramid can attract the
          soulon,and repulse the anti-soulon .Then if the cancer
          be cured inside the  pyramid,we can prove the soulon
          existed indirctly.(Here,we define the cell of cancer is
          the anti-cell ,and the virus is the same.)

       II. In biology ,there are many theorem about the first
            protist to be created.But none can be proved.
            Maybe the reason is the exist of the soul to be ignored.
           If we can create the first protist inside the pyramid , we
           prove  the soulon is exist directly.(Of course ,the
           prerequisite is the supposition about the pyramid will
           be true.)

Please send e-mail to me to tell how about you think.
E-MAIL: chichi77 at m4.is.net.tw

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