Enterococcus faciem

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Gary Lum wrote:
The problem with finding information on this bug is that the high and
mighties of microbiology keep changing its name.  You can check the ATCC
WEB pages and search for the bug and find all the alternatives, or
rather, when reading the listings note the name the particular strains 
were deposited as.
This bug has also been known as Streptococcus faecalis and 
Streptococcus faciem during the past 15-20 years.

Perhaps to end the confusion we should just name the bugs by gram stain
and general morphology:  Gram Positive Cocci, within this group are
just differrent races of the same bug ??? Would make things easier!!

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> suzie10 at my-dejanews.com wrote:
> > consulted Bergeys, but i can't seem to find out this info. Any info would be
> > much appreciated.(or else, where I could find this info!)
> Try
> _Enterococcus faecium_
> It is a well recognised component of human bowell flora and in the
> correct context is a pathogen.
> Regards
> Gary
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