sorry for bothering

med.student! alagor at euroweb.hu
Tue Sep 29 09:15:15 EST 1998

I am sorry for having bothered some of you people, I did not know that this
was a club for professionals.

I thought it would be a solution, sort of a alternative to ask my teachers
if I was uncertain about a topic.

I did not copy my questions from a question-sheet, they were my own and I
dont have time to make extensive research. You people have more important
subjects to discuss...

I apologise again,
I didnt know that messages can be so problem causing, I will have to try it
on good luck I guess (and as I noticed I have some real problems in
understanding the subject).

the guy who is a student of general medicine!

PS: Studying from a book is what I do anyhow, but I dont have all time
reserved for biology, I have other subjects (chemistry, histology, anatomy,
biophysics) too. If I spend all my time for biology I will flunk my
chemistry, biology, anatomy, histology tests in two weeks too.
PS2: ...do defend a rude comment; I studied from the beginning onwards,
every day, the way it should be...

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