enzymes and stain removal

larimore at my-dejanews.com larimore at my-dejanews.com
Tue Sep 29 01:26:59 EST 1998

recently i was at a flea market and saw a demonstration where an enzyme based
cleaner instantly removed a manufactured stain consisting of motor oil,
printers ink, and carbon. can anyone tell me what this enzyme is ? this
product was demonstrated by placing one spoon full of cleaner into a gallon
of water, agitating with a brush,then using the foam and a natural brush to
remove the stain INSTANTLY. thanks for any assistance you can offer ps:i have
a sample if anyone thinks they can identify the components. the substance is
white in color, consists of small beads and small rectangular shaped pieces.
i believe one is sodium lauryl sulfate, as the product does a a soap aroma.

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